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Apple Rejects Gab from App Store over Content Posted by Users

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Apple’s App Store rejected the app for social network andfree-speech Twitter alternative Gab, claiming that it “includes pornographic content” posted by users.

“We are writing to let you know the results of your appeal for your app, Gab for iOS,” replied Apple to the submission. “Your app includes pornographic content. Please refer to the attached screenshot (Note, the screenshot includes explicit content). Apps with explicit content and themes are not appropriate for the App Store.” – READ MORE

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  • Kek Fashy

    Gab is fantastic. I use it. But pornography is NOT “free speech”. Transexuals pumping AIDS into each others rectum is not “Free Speech”. Incest role play is not “speaking freely”. Don’t allow it on Gab. Its not a big deal to say, “hey, no porn allowed”.

    Its very simple:

    -No Doxxxing
    -No “calls for violence” (which is the epitome of free speech BTW)
    -No Pornography

    Too easy. Nobody is going to quit gab because they can’t see/post pornography. And the ones that would are losers who have erection problems from porn use.