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Anthony Weiner Walks on Child Pornography Charges; Strikes Deal to Reduced ‘Sexting’ & Likely Little or No Jail Time

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Only True Pundit reported weeks ago, Anthony Weiner would walk away from federal child pornography charges that the FBI and Justice Department were once pursuing against the disgraced Congressman.

Those charges would have landed Weiner behind bars for a long stretch but today he is expected to plead guilty to a much lesser charge that likely carries little to no jail time and be released before 4 p.m. Our sources said Weiner is being processed this morning by US Marshals and will spend the morning in federal custody before his court appearance.

Weiner is expected to enter a guilty plea Friday afternoon to a reduced federal sexting of a minor charge. Sentencing in the case will likely be scheduled in August or September. According to our sources it is unlikely Weiner will see significant prison time, compared to what he was facing for federal child pornography charges. He may see no prison at all and only house arrest, depending on the decision of the federal judge he is arraigned in front of today. That same judge will render his sentence, again, approximately three months from today barring other arrangements.

The reduced sexting charge is a felony that carries a maximum sentence of a year in prison and a minimum of no prison time, though based on Weiner’s cooperation with the case and his plea it is unlikely he will serve much if any time behind bars.

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  • sws123

    The question is, if it had been anyone else would they have been treated as harshly or less harshly? and will he have to register forever as a sex offender?

  • Joseph Chiara

    In exchange for what? Nothing apparently. Sessions is simply extending the corruption of the rule of law at DOJ….when was the last white collar crime of any substance prosecuted? Same people get massive reductions in their liabilty and often no liablilty whatsoever

  • Vyse Legendaire

    The real question is what will happen with the 600,000 e-mails detailing the criminality of the Clintons found on his laptop.

  • Trailer Trash

    More of Comey’s “talent”?

    I have personally seen enough.

  • JoanieBaloney

    They should have made a plea deal and insist he testify about the Clinton emails he had. Crying to the judge must have helped Schumer’s protege.