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Al Gore has an interesting theory about climate change and how it helped put Trump in office

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Environmentalist, former vice president, and climate change theory advocate Al Gore explained that he feels President Donald Trump may have won the 2016 election over Hillary Clinton because of “hyperglobalization” and the lack of trust in environmental “experts.”

Speaking with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Gore on Friday night noted that voters simply don’t trust “elites” any longer.

“We’re seeing huge changes in the global economy and the American economy,” Gore told Hayes. “Wages have stagnated for middle-income families for decades … and there is a lot of understandable unrest, and elites were slow to recognize it because the increasing inequalities kept the elites’ income going up.

For his part, Hayes claimed that any resistance to accepting the theory of climate change is simply “cultural,” and that the only ones who oppose it are those who associate the concept with “liberals.”


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  • MatFan

    Al Gore is a very corrupt man. But one thing you can’t accuse him of is being smart.

  • Donald Bader

    It’s so funny how Algore speaks of these “elites” whose incomes keep going up. . . as if he weren’t one of them! And he’s made most of it from promoting the most monumental hoax since Piltdown Man!!

  • Kernighan

    This guy got a D in science. I can see why. Look at the Fed and it’s reliance upon QE (Quantitative Easing) which used to be called MONETIZING THE DEBT. This means massive cash inflows into money center Prime Brokers. These are the purchasers and dealers of treasuries. Their class of employee, and customer is C suite types, and financial industry heavy hitters as well as institutional buy side. This HEDGE FUND type is gaining substantial market gains from all this, due to QE, thus the income inequality. Lately the gains have been more from political changes conducive to emerging business. When people whose net worth is 80% or more in market valued assets like stocks, and bonds gain strongly, this outpaces middle groups who have 50% or less in such assets. The poor have very little in such assets. It’s the assets and their valuation!

  • Kernighan

    He’s a prime example of them. And he’s far more stupid than most of them. Even some orange faced ones. He still clings to his climate deal, and having been born with a GOLD spoon in his mouth, continues to open it and prove once again how he really does not know what he does not know.

  • NavyVet