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Air Force Is Afraid That Words Like ‘Boy’ And ‘Girl’ Might Be Offensive

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A senior Air Force leader recently wrote an email to a large number of airmen saying they should take the time to study a long list of words that “may be construed offensive,” which includes words like “boy” and “girl.”

The email was sent to airmen at Lackland Air Force Base, and a copy was provided to Fox News.

Some of the offensive terms included in the list are as follows:

1.    Boy

2.    Girl

3.    You People

4.    Colonial

5.    Blacklist

6.    Blackmail

7.    Blackball

8.    Sounds Greek to me

9.    Blondes have more fun

10.  Too many chiefs, not enough Indians

“Please be cognizant that such conduct is 100 percent zero tolerance in or outside of the work climate,” the email stated. “Let’s capitalize on our richly diverse climate, and help others seek assistance if they are struggling with compliance.”

An Air Force public affairs spokesperson told Fox News that the email does not constitute a list of prohibited terms.

“The Air Force has no list of prohibited terms,” the spokesperson said. “It was sent out by an individual simply reminding Airmen to be respectful to others.”

Still, it’s unclear how else airmen were supposed to interpret the phrase “100 percent zero tolerance.”

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump criticized what he referred to as political correctness infecting the military under the Obama administration and pledged that he wouldn’t tolerate such policing of conduct.

“We are going to get away from political correctness,” Trump said in early October 2016.

“We have a politically correct military that is getting more and more politically correct everyday, and a lot of people in this room don’t even understand how it is possible to do that,” he added. “And that is through intelligence, not ignorance, believe me, because some of the things they are asking you to do and be politically correct about are ridiculous.”


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  • Mac mcintire

    Need trump to,stop this bull shit

  • NavyVet
  • Merlinxx

    President Trump…
    Find that senior airforce leader, and fire him. Set an example.

  • Noble Gunnz

    “You’re fired.”

  • Milly Vanilly

    PC is Pussifi-Cation.

  • alvindawg

    No wonder we have a military in the state that it is. Good grief, and we think calling Radical Islamic Terrorist is bad. This is totally ridiculous to the last degree. Whomever is the new Sec of the Air Force needs to shut this shit down and now.

  • alvindawg