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ABC News Reporter: It’s Okay For Us To Lie About Trump Because He Lies Sometimes

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ABC News reporter Terry Moran suggested Wednesday that it’s okay for news outlets to report uncorroborated allegations from a single, anonymous source about President-elect Donald Trump because he did the same thing when he alleged in 2012 that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States.

So to parse his line of reasoning, Moran is covering BuzzFeed’s malfeasance by suggesting journalists aren’t obligated to publish only the truth that can be verified if the person who they’re covering has also spread untrue information. In other words: Donald Trump spreads falsehoods, so we can do the same about him! – READ MORE

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  • Jan Zeman

    They should promply fire him otherwise the ABC would quickly go bankrupt in the libel suits.:)

  • PauletteW

    This is why people don’t trust the news media. You have a huge responsibility to put out the truth. You are not to go out of your way to destroy people or get your agenda passed. To be trusted means you have to have credibility. To have credibility, you have to tell the truth and verify the facts. If your going to lie, your producers should fire you and you should become a fiction writer. Of course, they can go down with the ship with you. What is really sad, is the lazy liars make even the good ones look bad. Your no different than the cops. If there is a bad cop and the other cops refuse to flush him or her out, then they all look bad. It’s same for all organizations.