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73 Percent Of Democrats Would Quit Drinking To Impeach Trump

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According to a new study from a drug and alcohol rehabilitation group, 73 percent of Democrats would give up drinking alcohol if it meant that President Trump was impeached tomorrow.

Surprisingly, this survey of more than 1,000 “active alcohol drinkers” also revealed that 17 percent of Republicans would be willing to quit drinking alcohol if Trump was removed from office.

Conversely, the poll revealed that more than 30 percent of Republicans would give up alcohol forever if the media quit writing negative stories about the President, while only slightly over 6 percent of Democrats felt similarly.

Due to the constant coverage of the President by the national media and near universal hatred of Trump by Democrats, this study confirms how far many Democrats would be willing to go to have him removed from office.

Some Democrats have already attempted to accelerate Trump’s removal, with Democratic California Rep. Brad Sherman introducing articles of impeachment last week over the president’s purported obstruction of justice in regards to the ongoing Russia investigation.

The poll did, however, skew more Democratic, with 43 percent of respondents identifying as Democrats and only 21 percent of people identifying as Republican.

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