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700 inmates have been released from Gitmo, more than 200 have returned to the fight

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Last week the Obama Administration approved its largest-ever release of detainees from Guantanamo Bay, sending 15 extremists back into the world.

By now, the pattern has become familiar: the President lets hardened terrorists go free, Congress and the American people express outrage, and the White House ignores the uproar.

But the grave risks of this policy cannot be ignored. The President is giving terrorists a one-way ticket back to the battlefield.
In fact, officials have confirmed to Congress that some former detainees are responsible for attacking or killing Americans since being freed. Yet, incredibly, the releases persist.

Not only does the President’s rush to open Gitmo’s jail cells allow fighters to keep waging war against us, it also gives the jihadist A-team a chance to mentor a new generation of radicals.

“Outrageous” hardly describes the non-logic of this policy. What Commander-in-Chief lets the enemy return to the fight in the middle of a war?

But that’s just the problem—the President doesn’t believe we’re fighting one.

He declared an end to the global war on terror in 2013, and he downplayed the danger from ISIS as “killers with good social media” who are “on the back of pickup trucks” and plotting “in apartments or garages.”

In reality, though, we’ve entered uncharted territory. Those killers have now been tied to more than 100 terrorist plots or attacks against Western countries, an unprecedented wave of terror. And former Gitmo detainees are eagerly joining ISIS’s ranks, in addition to re-enlisting with al Qaeda. – READ MORE

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