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$2.6 Million Spent By Ivy League On Hillary. Trump? $15,000

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Faculty members from the eight Ivy League schools poured over $2.5 million into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, a figure over 150 times larger than the approximately $15,000 spent to help elect President Donald Trump, The Daily Caller News Foundation calculated Saturday.

Faculty at Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Dartmouth, and Brown spent a total of $2,609,943 on Clinton’s campaign and $15,190 on her general election rival, Trump, according to data culled from The Center for Responsive Politics.

Harvard University employees contributed the most money to each candidate, spending $770,685 and $4,009 on Clinton and Trump’s campaigns, respectively. While Dartmouth donated the least amount of money to Clinton’s campaign, $78,676, Brown brought up the rear for Trump donations with $40 spent on the president’s campaign.

Faculty at Trump’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, donated $311,855 to Clinton and $1,702 to Trump, also donating more money to Trump’s primary competitors Chris Christie and Ben Carson.

The center compiled data on donations made from faculty to presidential, Senate, and House campaigns. Clinton received the most money from each school, with her donations often totaling more than 10 times the amount contributed to the second-most highly funded candidate.

The ratio of the money Ivy League faculty donated to Clinton’s campaign compared with Trump’s campaign dwarfs the ratio spent on the two 2012 major party general election candidates. Ivy League faculty spent $2,609,943 on Clinton and $15,190 on Trump, a ratio of approximately 172-to-1, but only spent roughly 10 times more on Barack Obama than on Mitt Romney in 2012, donating $2,258,667 and $226,572 to their respective campaigns.

Postsecondary teachers make $75,430 a year, according to 2016 stats from the Department of Labor.

The Center for Responsive Politics calculates donations to political candidates from individuals, PACs, and other parties affiliated with respective universities.

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  • negutron

    Well at least its a confirmation of Carlin, ‘it’s a big F club and you ain’t in it’. It really comes down to Yale, Princeton and Harvard. All the other ivys are part of it, but those are the three ringleaders really. With Yale being the biggest and most injurious to the public.

    Yaleys seems to consistently produce the largest number of psychopaths in terms of their various deployments. And it’s that whole hegelian dialectic / “ends justify the means” type of garbage instruction and sensemaking that they teach, which is starkly opposed to public education’s ethical bounds teaching (‘must be wholesome from start to finish’, ‘does this path have a heart?’). Yale is the death dealer trying (often successfully) to create perennial wars, they are the ones running the drug biz and trafficking narcotics around the world, they are the ones running the cia and assassinating leaders around the world, they are the ones creating color revolutions and fake social movements (well…they are fake until they are real, then many innocents are killed and societies are toppled just so a few oil and gas people can make money and continue to steal organs and rape kids around the planet). The yaleys are the big troublemakers. If I were president, I’d drop a neutron bomb on yale and then hunt every last yale person in government and give them a retirement along with an unremovable brainbomb that will detonate remotely if at some point in the future they don’t comply with the quarantine. Make no mistake these ‘leaders’ are all psychopaths

    The ivys brainwash people into psychopathy–make no mistake about that. There needs to be an MRI given to all in the government for public office, yes even and esp potus. Non partisan evaluators, like a team of 10–much like a jury, highmost neurologists from random (not for example only nato) countries with no financial or political ties to any ‘political party’. They have to be unanimous ‘not psychopath’ for someone to get office. Just like the background check / vetting process now but with an additional ‘non psychopath’ … they also can’t have a congenital sexual disease because that affects the brain and judgment also esp as someone gets older…so all the incestuous royals are out in that regard as they all have syph (remember hitler and windsors)

    Ok so I’ve given you guys the solution for getting rid of psychopaths–MRI based lie detector with a non political panel. The other side of this is the military–can’t do anything about psychopahty in the military because they are trained by physical and psychological abuse into psychopathy thru black/white thinking (“they aren’t people, they are the ‘enemy'”). Officers need a vetted non-psychopath firewall / filter person…someone who will know they have lost their way and can either remove their opinion or heuristically lower their recommendations or at least notate that in any group-decision making