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16 Year Old Student Stabs 5 Other Students & himself at Utah High School

11:30 AM: This morning a little before 8 AM, a male 16-year old student stabbed 5 other students in the boys locker room, before stabbing himself. The suspect was apprehended by the school resource officer. All five victims and the suspect were transported to area hospitals. Injuries range from critical to fair. None are life threatening.  – READ MORE

  • jubadoobai

    This is excellent. The USA is finally moving to adopt sensible policies towards Islamic organizations that have infiltrated our society and government. The next step is to get rid of ISNA which, along with the MSA, sponsors a lot of anti-Jewish terror on college campuses.

  • Chic Bizquick

    Outlaw knives now! How on earth did he get hold of one??!?!